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Autism Speaks: Remember When You Supported The Anti-vaxxer Quack Cult? #AutisticAsking | Eve Reiland

Autism Speaks: Remember when?

Remember when Autism Speaks merged with Cure Autism Now?

Autism Speaks was in bed with the antivaxxer quack cult from the get go. Autism Speaks conveniently wants Autistics to forget our history with them.

Autism Speaks will refer to the quackery in their marketing and communications as complimentary and alternative medicine. Heck, in their commercial, “I Am Autism,” they even mention voodoo, herbs … and so on.

Really, Autism Speaks never hid it then, but now they act like they didn’t power the #antivaxxer #bleachcult into the mega-giant mess we see today.

They want to pretend that they’re now ‘inclusive’ to keep the all-mighty donation dollar and government grants. Autism Speaks wants Autistic and our Real Allies to forget they brought us this #antivaxxer #bleachcult mess.

The mess we’re still fighting … without them. Yet, they’ve re-branded this year and boast of an “All New Autism Speaks.” Funny, they forgot to say why they re-branded and why Autistics should now support this hate organization.

Autism Speaks also acts like they never supported the FOUNDING daughter, Katie Wright (mother of their grandson), Defeat Autism Now!, Generation Rescue, TACA, Jenny McCarthy, Jim Carey, Andrew Wakefield, Robert F Kennedy Jr. , Polly Tommy, Del Big Tree, JB Handley, and all the others working behind the scenes together in this.

Autism Speaks want us to forget about their involvement in helping to launch the #antivaxxers we see protesting today against lock down during the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic.

Well, I haven’t forgotten … Guess what else … Katie Wright is still a big name in the antivaxxer world. She’s sits on Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Children’s Health Defense board. This is where she landed after Generation Rescue was exposed last year, and JB Handley tapped out with a ‘retirement’ excuse. The organization is now defunct.

#AutisticAsking: Autism Speaks, when are you going to be transparent and pay reparation for the harm you caused and atone for your sins against Autistic people and the world?

Autism Speaks acts like their doing ‘inclusion’ now and ignore the very fact Autistics have been protesting and battling their profitable version of Autism for years. They forget to mention the very people they are attempting to co-opt and include are in a CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT against them.

Maybe that’s why they don’t include #AutisticHistory in their version of inclusion. They want us to forget the tragedy marketing they did all these years to raise those donations.

Also, Autism Speaks would like us to forget they worked with antivaxxer quack cult organizations (including Jenny McCarthy/ Katie Wright’s Generation Rescue) and formed public networks with them to push legislation and more.

And let’s not forget the bullies Autism Speaks sent Autistics over the years. Remember the attacks from behind the scenes, and the arm-locking between the organizations to keep Autistics out of the conversation even as they battled each other over the cause and science of Autism? Remember the screaming they did at each other for the all mighty donation dollar while all three fronts bullied Autistics and silenced them?

Now the supporters of Autism Speaks, the “autism community,” are crying that Autistics are excluding them. That we aren’t inclusive of them. Never mind that the “Autism Community” Autism Speaks created is a non-Autistic community made up of parents and others, plus a few token Autistics who speak to their party line.

While Autism Speaks promotes ‘inclusion’ they forget to include Autistic history, Autistic culture, and that Autistic people have protested this organization since it’s inception.

Yet, they now they use the term self-advocates for THEIR non-autistic autism community. Oh the bullshit.

No worries, Autism Speaks, I didn’t forget. My Autistic family and peers didn’t forget. Guess what? We’re going to keep hammering at you until your lies are exposed, and the truth rises and is understood by non-autistic people too.

Autism Speaks already failed my children. They failed and failed and failed. Worse, they caused such great harm the world is still feeling it harshly today.

While Autism Speaks asks for yet another donation, it’s Autistic people and our REAL allies out here cleaning up their mess. The mess they created with these antivaxxer quack cults.

#AutisticAsking: What have you done the past 15 years other than use Autistics to generate money for your own ideas of Autism and silence Autistic people?

Just like Jenny McCarthy, Katie Wright, and moms like Kate Swenson, I too am a mother of Autistic children. My oldest Autistic child was born in 1993 and was considered to be the ‘first wave’ of Autistics born the world just couldn’t afford.

I’m also different than those moms because I am Autistic too.

Autism Speaks routinely ignores my questions about their organization. They refuse to answer anything real that doesn’t make them look so fuzzy, blue and lovable.

While Autism Speaks continues to promote their ‘autism community’ while ignoring, avoiding and subversively battling the Autistic Community and our real and actual needs.

Autism Speaks hasn’t stopped excluding Autistic people. Just this past year Autistics were excluded from representation in legislation about us.

Since they won’t answer my questions, maybe they’ll answer yours. I’ve been using #AutisticAsking most recently on these questions in social media. (Autistics, if you have questions, please feel free to jump in and use it too. Real Allies, ask your questions too. Maybe with something like #RealAutisticAllyAsking?)

Here’s the thing, whether Autism Speaks likes it or not, Autistic people are stakeholders in their organization’s work. Autism Speaks needs to answer our questions. Ignoring them is not an option.

The time is now for Autism Speaks to answer to the Autistic community and our Real Allies for the work and harm they’ve caused.

The time is now for Autism Speaks to PROVE what they’ve done for Autistics is worthy enough for our community.

Of course, I’ve asked repeatedly myself, and get ignored, blocked or banned on their social media platforms for it too..

I am an Autistic woman, Autistic mother to Autistic children (all but one are adults now) and Autism Speaks will not respond. I don’t parrot their marketing and I guess therefore not worthy enough for them to take the time with I suppose.

Remember this: Not all Autistics matter to Autism Speaks.

Not all parents of Autistics matter to Autism Speaks, especially if these Autistics understand A$ history and their harm to us.

What happens when Autistics who are ‘self-advocates’ don’t support Autism Speaks? Well, that’s when we get called C!nt via private message by their team (and during the time of the #kindnesscounts campaign too).

Autism Speaks the time is now for transparency, truth, and reparations.

Please don’t support Autism Speaks.

There are far more reputable organizations to support that actually help us.

Eve Reiland

Autistic mother to Autistic children. Autistic children who were failed by Autism Speaks the past 15 years. Autism Speaks doesn’t deserve 15 more.

#FierceAutistic4Life #LightItUpGold


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