Archived | e-Speaks: North/Central N.J Walk; Horse Show and Urban Cowboy Party; Act Now to Reform Autism Insurance Legislation | Circa October 30, 2008

e-Speaks: North/Central N.J Walk; Horse Show and Urban Cowboy Party; Act Now to Reform Autism Insurance Legislation

Autism Speaks e-Speaks via Oct 30, 2008, 10:58 PM
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e-Speaks || October 31, 2008

North/Central N.J. Walk Now for Autism Raises $415,000

More than 7,500 people joined the North/Central New Jersey Walk Now for Autism in Cranford, N.J. on Sunday, Oct. 26., a 25% increase in participation over last year’s event. As of Walk day, walkers on over 230 teams raised $415,000. Read more and view photos and video here.

Washington International Horse Show and Urban Cowboy Party Raise Funds, Awareness

The 2nd annual Urban Cowboy Party and the first ever Autism Speaks Day of Champions special needs riding exhibition were held in conjunction with the 50th Anniversary Washington International Horse Show this past week in Washington, D.C., raising over $200,000. Read more and view photos and video here.

Act Now to Reform Autism Insurance Legislation

The autism insurance reform movement is ramping up in states across the country to achieve coverage for autism therapies. This was recently highlighted in the Washington Times Op-Ed article by Stuart Spielman, Senior Policy Advisor and Counsel for Autism Speaks, and Michael O’Hanlon, Autism Speaks Government Relations committee member and senior fellow at the Brookings Institution.

Now it’s your turn to speak out against insurance discrimination against children with autism! One click on this link and you can register with Autism Votes to receive Take Action advocacy alerts.

Annual DAN! Conference Explores Environmental Factors, Immune System

Defeat Autism Now! held its 2008 DAN! fall conference last week in San Diego, Calif., as parents, practitioners, scientists, and other community members attended a wide range of talks, workshops and exhibits on biomedical information and interventions for autism. The science session of the conference focused on the complex interplay among a wide range of factors, including environmental toxins, the immune system, and diet. Read more.

Holiday Gift Wrap and Bags Now Available

Wrap your gifts in Autism Speaks wrapping paper and give a gift twice! Adorned with our signature blue puzzle piece arranged into a snowflake this paper is perfect for the holidays. Gift bags and ribbon are also available to show your support of Autism Speaks this holiday season. Don’t forget to order greeting cards for friends, family and colleagues. 

In Their Own Words: Life With Adam

In our latest “In Their Own Words” submission, a high school senior tells how his younger brother who has autism inspired him to become more involved in promoting autism awareness. Read more.

Coming Soon

Nov. 1
San Diego Walk Now for Autism (San Diego, Calif.)

Nov. 2
Arizona Walk Now for Autism (Tempe, Ariz.)

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