Yes we know @AutismSpeaks, the Autistic Community is NOT “your autism community.” | Eve Reiland

Yes, we know Autism Speaks, the Autistic Community is NOT “your autism community.”

We, the autistic people, are the ‘others’ in your apology over one of “your community” people calling an Autistic self-advocate a C!nt.

Guess only your self-created and marketed ‘autism community’ is worthy of kindness.Only self-advocates that #AutismSPeaks supports are the ones they hand picked to deliver the big blue message.

#ActuallyAutistic are called ‘others’ by A$ and again refer to ‘their community’ which is NOT the Autistic community and they are well aware of that.

So aware they pretend we don’t exist out here, even as they call for ‘inclusion’ and bring to the table Autistic people they’ve chosen to speak for them.

Over here in the REAL Autistic community, we see you. We’re not backing down. In fact taking your board member, Billy Mann’s suggestion, and we’re doubling down.You haven’t seen anything yet.

Real Autistic Community is being heard, understood and respected. Your pretend world of Autism and your non-autistic ‘autism community’ is going down into the history books as a hate group. Your time is up.

Fierce Autistic Activists are here and so are our REAL allies. We are going to make a better future for all autistics born today and tomorrow … and may they grow up with you being the boogie man in Autistic fairytales we tell our Autistic children and grandchildren

The bell tolls, and it tolls for you.

#FierceAutistic #lightitupgold #goodbyautismspeaks #redinstead #actuallyautistic #allautistics.


Eve Reiland


PS. Dedicate this song to you. If the song fits, #LightItUpBlue.

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