So while @AutismSpeaks is blundering and creating cover-their-ass apologies – Katie Wright Is Hollering At A Real Ally Of The Autistic Community. Again. | Eve Reiland

Facebook note: So while @AutismSpeaks is blundering and creating cover-their-ass apologies on Facebook – Katie Wright is hollering on twitter at a real ally of the Autistic community.

Katie Wright, and her sister, have been known to threaten Autistic activists and our real allies before. Katie Wright is the daughter of Bob and Suzanne Wright, founders of Autism Speaks.

In 2007 she left A$ for Generation Rescue (Jenny McCarthy’s org), and aligns with Andrew Wakefield, JB Handley’s quackery and conspiracy theories. She has also been a huge proponent that vaccines caused her son to be Autistic and biomedical ‘cures’ would work … like chelation … to ‘heal and recover’ or ‘cure’ autistic children from being “vaccine-injured.”

Katie Wright is currently affiliated with RFK Jr.’s propaganda organization Children’s Health Defense.

So, because going up against Autism Speaks isn’t hard enough, we get the antivaxxers/bleachcult from the other side at the same time …. both the antivaxxer clan and the cure clan have the Wright’s involved. … and let’s not forget self-appointed National Council Severe Autism (NCSA) and their deep hate for Autistic activists and attempts to divide our community along the parameters they see fit (and best for garnering the $$$). Alison Singer leads up that sector with Jill Escher and a few others.

Did you know Alison Singer was originally with NBC, then transitioned to Autism Speaks and became an Executive Vice President? Singer left in 2009 to start her own Autism non-profit.

So all these folks and organizations are battling Autistic people, calling names, silencing us for years and years with their power, $$$ and connections.

So yay, welcome to the month and what Autistics actually get.

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