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Wake. Bake. Caffeinate. What Does @AutismSpeaks and The C-word Have In Common? Let’s find out. #kindnesscounts | Eve Reiland

wake. bake. caffeinate. with Eve Reiland

Wake. Bake. Caffeinate. What do Autism Speaks and c-word have in common? Let’s find out. #kindnesscounts

Amanda Seigler3:08 Not familiar! I will find and share
Hospitals Must Allow Caregivers to Accompany Patients with Special Needs
Hospitals Must Allow…
Hospitals Must Allow Caregivers to Accompany Patients with Special Needs
Lindsay Mohler6:07 hi eve
Amanda Seigler8:17 Yes! He did a great job
Nick Seigler12:37 Yeah ironically while promoting kindness. The guy and organization are true hypocrites
Bobbi Elman17:28 Speak by phone… why not ask what method of communication Amanda wants?!?! Seriously 😐
Bobbi Elman17:59 Paul showed himself completely there
Bobbi Elman19:24 Freaking corporations go to them too as the “foremost” autism charity and it’s a farce..
Nick Seigler19:34 I wouldn’t call that sincere and looks more like someone threaten him to write it under duress.
Bobbi Elman21:50 Kindness counts was so freaking ableist & full on inspiration porn ick 🤢
Chuck McIntyre26:46 May I use these stories for my Autism Speaks rost later today?
Nick Seigler26:51 Kids school work this morning over here
LoLo Suzanne Brickey27:23 Good morning hope you have a great day. Thank you for being an advocate! I gotta get up and be an essential worker.❤️
Bobbi Elman27:45 NY times piece was Fantastic!!!
Kelly Âû33:36 I’m going to send you some accessibility things we recently found for reading on screens… You’re doing an awesome job advocating and telling these stories !!! Screens are so awful.
Janina McGuinness45:49 We love you from Ireland 💋💞💜🇮🇪🌈🥰love always xxxjanina
Chuck McIntyre48:36 God doesn’t destroy cities, that’s the USA’s job

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