Autism Speaks Explains C-Word Incident, Offers Apology, and Avoids Discussion About How They Banned Autistics And Deleted Our Comments | April 28, 2020

This weekend, we hosted an event to bring our community of autistic people and those who love and support them together in celebration of kindness and inclusion. During this event, we heard many voices, including thousands of our dedicated supporters and others who disagree with us. We welcome a dialogue from the many members of the diverse autism community, and we are committed to respect, inclusivity and compassion in communication with one another.

That’s why we were deeply disappointed to learn that during this event, the partner of an Autism Speaks employee sent an inappropriate message to someone who had voiced their opinion in opposition to our work. Any violation of the trust that the autism community, donors and volunteers place in Autism Speaks is unacceptable. While this person is not an employee of Autism Speaks, this type of behavior is not consistent with Autism Speaks’ mission and principles. We do not condone it, and we will not accept it. We have blocked this individual from our social media accounts where we do not tolerate this behavior or language. We have reached out to those involved to extend our deepest apologies for the offensive remarks as has the individual involved.

Autism Speaks forgot to mention how they banned Autistic activists and our real allies from their live stream and page. They went through and deleted many comments by Autistic people. Yet not a word about that in their apology.

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