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Scam Over Genesis II “Church” (aka #BleachCult) | The Autistic Avenger

The Autistic AvengerApril 18 at 4:43 PM · 

👏🏻😁🎉. YAY !!! 😲 FINALLY ! 👍🏻 So, a step beyond this week’s earlier amazing news, the U.S. FDA being discontent with just a warning letter, has now issued an ·injunction· against the #BleachCult known as Genesis 2 “Church” ! 😊 YAY ! ! !

The original link is currently down, I’ll paste it to the comments, but here’s a saved copy ! ❤❤❤…/1mb0TL1P5YGRW3WFga9r2gKFltwYjN8B7

MMS, aka “Miracle Mineral Solution”, is an industrial bleaching agent. It has no medicinal qualities. MSDS for the corrosive substance:

“Despite a previous warning, the Genesis II Church of Healing has continued to actively place consumers at risk by peddling potentially dangerous and unapproved chlorine dioxide products. We will not stand for this, and the FDA remains fully committed to taking strong enforcement action against any sellers who place unsuspecting American consumers at risk by offering their unproven products to treat serious diseases.” — FDA Commissioner Stephen M. Hahn, M.D.

[I must note, I hate that the Commissioner called autism a disease elsewhere in the letter, and this will be addressed, but after hearing horror upon horror story about Autistic children and others poisoned on a daily basis, I’m ·giddily joyous· the FDA has ·FINALLY· begun to address this horrific scam after YEARS of advocates begging them to do something!] ✊🏻😊🎸

An article 4 years ago helping expose this scam:…/shameless-high-priests-snak…/story…

Many advocates have spoken against this tragedy a long time! And in Spring of 2019 The Autistic Avenger and friends wrote to the FDA:

Which resulted in an archived warning about MMS being put back onto the FDA website:

···Much Thanks··· to everyone who has contacted authorities, bumped or shared posts about this, and/or turned in bleacher parents to Protective Services! 👏🏻😊💕 YOU are helping make this happen !!! We are saving lives !!! ❤

There is No Such Thing as an “Autism Cure”:…/autism-and…/fake-and-harmful-treatments

The Autistic Neurotype (aka “Autism”) is a genetic and developmental difference in synaptic connectivity. And so the word “cure” doesn’t even make sense in regard to it:

Genesis 2 is the originator of this scam. But they also inspired con Kerri Rivera, a protégé of theirs, to promote it heavily to ·TENS OF THOUSANDS· of parents of Autistics:

The FDA STILL has yet to warn or injunct Rivera regarding her promotion of MMS 🤞🏻 I hope they are also contacting authorities where she resides in Germany, as they have not been receptive to advocates as of yet. This is just something so horrific it’s hard for some to believe it. BUT !!! Progress earlier this week as she finally received a warning letter regarding her other harmful false remedies! Yay! –>

Genesis 2 warning letter, earlier this week, yay! –>

Stay tuned for updates and Calls-To-Action regarding this and other threats to the safety and livelihood of Autistickind! We will not be experimented on! We will not tolerate abuse! We are perfect exactly as we are! ✊🏻❤🎸 I am #ProudlyAutistic !

These bleachers and other anti-Autistic con artists are speaking in May, at Autism One, the world’s largest anti-autism quackery showcase! Protest it online with us? More info –> #ProtestAutismOne2020

I’d love to see your thoughts in the comments! 👍🏻 Thank You!

#StopMMS #ActuallyAutistic #EndQuackery

😁😁😁 YAY !!!!! 🎉🎉🎉 TY so much to all who have reported, reacted, written, called, shared, commented, etc! YOU helped make this happen! ❤❤❤ The fight against mms isn’t over but this is a MAJOR win !!!

I can only tag 50 but a few of the many I’d like to thank: Emma Dalmayne Melissa Eaton Eve Reiland Amanda Seigler Cassie Crosman Louis Brunel Nathan McConnell Saided DePriest Christa Holmans Sarah Selvaggi Hernandez Danijela Turner Frank L. Ludwig Terra Psych Wolf Traverso Âû Melanie Keiling Onikage Rea Per Susan Nora Âû John Greally Andrea Stuart Kyra Chambers Saoirse Douglas Grant Emsley Mitchell Glen Doughty Âû Margaux Wosk Argé Nieuwenhuijzen Rosemarie Maughan Mouzali Au Kieran Rose Sara Lindsey Jennifer Litton Tidd Taylor Linloff Rosemarie Carreiro Âû Callum Brazzo Drakahn Stark Ãâ Sara Jane Harvey Sheryl Cooper Samantha Connor Maxfield Sparrow Joshua White Joseph Redford Katherine Ruth Last Tara Âû Jean Becca Hector Karrie Austin Daniel Pyron Brian Deer Irene Mansfield Scott Wascher David Hutchinson

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