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So “Autism Awareness” month by non-Autistics is almost here. | Eve Reiland

So “Autism Awareness” month by non-Autistics is almost here.

Let me tell you some of what Autistics actually get:

– Non-Autistics choosing other non-Autistics for their great Autism advocacy. No Autistics needed for these determinations.

– A lot of blue light that represents Autism Speaks, not Autistic people. We light it up gold, or go for red or a spectrum of colors – NOT BLUE.

– Autistic people, Autistic human rights and Autistic civil rights are belittled, mocked and/or ignored.

– Autistic people get told they should ‘want a cure’ or they’re being ‘selfish’ for wanting to live as an Autistic.

– Autistic people get told they are ‘too high functioning’ to matter.

– Autistic people get told they are ‘too low functioning’ to understand their needs

– Autistic people get to be told we’re included now with a hate organization that has used words like: lepers, burden, national disasters and more to describe us.

– Autistic people get to hear how awful it is for others to live with and be with us.

-Autistic people get oppression, hate and otherness.

– Autistic people who protest, advocate for real support and help for our people get called trolls, bullies, and far worse.

– Autistic people get told they aren’t here to help Autistics like us — or like these, or like these. Just the ones exactly like their child.

– Autistic people get to see NT people congratulating each other on Autism awareness efforts.

– Autistic people get to see the Tokens brought out so these organizations can show they are being inclusive.

– Autistic people get to hear how we’re NOT including NTs in our Autistic culture. (Which is a lie. Go look at any parent group run by NTs and tell me what is their percentage of Autistic parents participating with them? Go to an Autistic led parenting group and tell me the percentage of NT parents participating – we are inclusive to real allies and help. NOT bs and quackery.)

– Autistic people are expected to 100% accommodate NT people and their version of Autism support (regardless it’s only driven our community’s suicide numbers even HIGHER and that’s evidence-based).

– Autistic people are not the focus of this month. NTs who know an Autistic are the focus of the month.

– Autistics get NO choice over their healthcare because … well all these NT organizations for Autistic people (Autism Speaks) use all their money and power to silence Autistic people so they get to decide the direction of research for Autistic people.

– Research money that’s been dumped into their ideas of what causes Autism and not including Autistic people.

– ALL Autistics get included in these organisations’ numbers as a great scare to prompt those donations so they can be the largest private backer of .Autism research — while at the same time telling the Autistic community we aren’t the Autistics they’re talking about.

It’s been this way for years and years and years. Even before Autism Speaks hit the scene, the organizations that made them up were already doing this shit to Autistic people worldwide.

Do better this year than light it up blue – the light of eugenics, better off dead than disabled, better than vaccines caused me to be autistic and then dump even more money into bullshit research trying to prove their idea – while at the same time yanking all $$$ of local communities that could have been used to help build a better way of life for all Autistic people — so there’s something for them other than homelessness, incarceration as care, therapies that cause PTSD, abuse in living facilities.

Parents say they are worried bout what happens to their Autistic child after they die — well, Autism Speaks and these others have stolen our future. They have failed to help every Autistic alive today due to their work this past decade and a half.

The reason we don’t have anything in place now in local communities for Autistics – that there’s nothing for Autistic children like mine who grew up under this blue light and are now adults — that’s on Autism Speaks.

They stole my Autistic children’s future for their idea of a ‘cure.’

Do better this year than light it up blue.

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