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While @WilliamShatner Rages Against Autistic People on Twitter … @AutismSpeaks Pushes Lipservice & BS With #KindnessCounts

While @WilliamShatner rages on Twitter (he’s an Autism Speaks spokesperson), against Autistic people, Autistic culture and the Autistic civil rights movement —

A$ is spilling out the #kindnesscounts lipservice bullshittery.

Nothing new here folks – other than A$ co-opted Autistic civil and human rights movement, and one that’s AGAINST THEM, into their new REBRANDED MARKETING of themselves included the word ‘inclusive’ and then put out their greased palm for a donation. .

Now they put the word ‘inclusion’ in their mouths, while flaming on the Shatner Shit Show 2020 – because they certainly aren’t speaking out against this bully, THEIR spokesperson.

Why would they? He’s their bully-on-the-spot.

Maybe A$ needs the screens dropped on their ‘kindness’ feeds using the PSA from Adcouncil is it? A reminder of what they really push onto Autistic people.

Autism Speaks and these Public Service Announcements … you they got PSAs covered with having an AdCouncil person on their board? Autistics have always been locked out from having PSAs on our organizations.

Like how money and power works when it comes to exclusion?

Shatner uses the word THEY a lot. Apparently THEY are Autistic people and he’s telling the world what ‘THEY’ think, ‘they’ feel and ‘they’ believe to his dog-pile buddies. Guess ‘they’ is better than some of the words he’s used to describe Autistic people before.

OH and BTW, Shatner has bots working on his behalf. Seen them yet?

Stay strong my friends. Don’t let this bully get you down.

And watch out for Shatner’s bully brigade if you do engage.


Eve Reiland

A$ #KindnessCounts

Autism Speaks Co-Opts Autistic Culture in Rebrand

By Eve Reiland

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