Archived | William Shatner Bullies Autistic People Again | Nat Le Brun Circa February 26, 2020


Nat Le Brun: #actuallyautistic was created by autistic people to discuss the type of problems we face as autistic people. It was created to bring solidarity to the autistic community. It was NOT created as a way to discriminate against non-autistic people. It was designed as a safe space for us to vent. When people like William Shatner tweet this they are perpetuating the lie that we as autistics are difficult and rude.

When in reality several of us have politely tried to ask him to reconsider supporting Autism $peaks and their eugenicist views regarding autistics but have found ourselves blocked in the process. When he tweeted A$’s lies about ASAN as if they were facts, I politely asked him to look at ASANs financial record and provided him the link so he could see the truth. Instead of choosing to look, he decided to block. That really says enough if you ask me.

IMAGE: tweet from William Shatner saying:

“Actually Autistic” is the type. It’s an exclusionary movement whereby those that use it don’t want non-autistic people to use the hashtag or get involved in the community. They feel safe to say whatever they want – even if it’s a lie and goodness forbid if you correct them

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