Oprah’s best and worst health advice: vaccines, meditation, diet – Insider | W/Note Added From Eve Reiland

Note: Does Oprah have ANY understanding of what her shows with Jenny McCarthy, Katie Wright and every other parent of Autistics that pushed the tragedy narrative and biomedical treatments for ‘healing and recovering’ your Autistic child did to Autistic people?

Does she know how she’s contributed to the harm of Autistic children around the world by these claims and legitimizing the people who spoke about them?

Does she know her show has helped suppress the voice of the largest minority group on the planet: Autistic People?

Does anyone making money by commodifying Autistic people give a rat’s ass that they have fucked over generations of Autsitic children now with horrible toxic ‘all natural’ cures?

We’re still out here fighting the bullshit. We’ll be in Chicago come May for the AutismOne conference.

Maybe come meet some of the Autistic people and our real allies who are fighting for the health and safety of autistic children worldwide …

Because Oprah said … Because Jenny McCarthy said … Because Jim Carey said … Because Holly Peete Robinson said … Because Katie Wright said so …

Where’s our help to be heard … and now Oprah is having a 2020 tour … please, we’ve got enough on our hands trying to stop the antivaxxers from harming their autistic children with bleach, turpentine, chelation and more.

How many Autistics need to communicate before you’ll hear us, Oprah?

Believe me, in Autistic History you aren’t a good person. Not.At.All.

Someday, somewhere can there be a celebrity with such influence who actually looks beyond the press releases and talks to Autistic people about Autistic culture, Autistic history, Autistic community, Autistic challenges and successes?


Eve Reiland

PS: When I speak about people who think they are doing so much great for the world, and perhaps are in many areas, but are STILL horrible oppressors of Autistic people. They either don’t realize it, don’t care, or are profiting off comodifying us.


Media mogul Oprah Winfrey is often looked at as a source of inspiration, but not all of her health advice checks out on the science front.

Source: Oprah’s best and worst health advice: vaccines, meditation, diet – Insider

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