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The First Guerilla Aspies Podcast, February 2020 | Paul Wady.

The upload able, finished version of the first Guerilla Aspies book and show podcast. By Paul Wady.


Here is a list of subjects and their location along the timeline.
1:54 Demonstration recording of the 12 of us outside the Tabernacle venue.
21:35 Introduction to Emma Dalmayne and AIM.
21:59 Explanation of my signs.
22:42 Explanation of my Parent Snuff Porn sign.
24:24 I am open to persuasion but so far, nothing…
24:43 Background of Vaxxed films, 1 and 2.
26:30 Tommey speaks! Excerpts from an interview film Polly Tommey recorded with two mothers inside the venue as we protested.
27:29 Attack on Emma Dalmayne and Fional O’Leary by Polly Tommey. ‘Pharma Trolls’.
28:10 Ambiguity around just how long Tommey has been active was a problem here. I assumed 1998 but the magazine may have been 1999.

28:46 Polly Tommey – I CANNOT RECOMMEND ONE GOOD (medical) DOCTOR IN THE UK.
29:32 When did Tommey start following Wakefield? I am not sure here. Was the 8000 word signature real?
31:35 Never another vaccination again for the rest of my life…
31:56 A reference to one Suzanne Humphreys, a discredited and controversial figure who backs up Tommey. They were both banned from entering Australia something like two years ago.
32:00 Polly Tommey – NOT ONE TEAR SHED. An attempt to initiate a Breaking Technique with the audiences?
32:18 Breaking Techniques and Love Bombing.
33:15 A discussion about Polly Tommey.
34:00 Excerpt of a YouTube film soundtrack from the summer of 2016 in which Polly Tommey says she would not judge parents who murder their autistic children in cold blood.
34:43 The Autism File magazine is dedicated to only portraying the umbrella term autism as meaning brain damage alone. Yet it has cited different causes that manifest identically. Could it work like that medically?
36:13 The conclusion of the Polly Tommey section. Have you ever met an Anti Vaxxer who concedes?

37:02 Just like in Louis Theroux MY SCIENTOLOGY MOVIE 2015, two women filmed us working as an organised and apparently trained film crew unit. They lied to us they were not anything to do with the Vaxxed people, but later we discovered one of them had a lanyard around her neck she was hiding. Also she actually said yet before running scared through the venue doorway. We have no idea what they will do with the film made, nor gave permission for the Vaxxed people to film us. Was this intimidation?
38:04 A description of the filming the Scientologists did in the Louis Theroux film.

39:06 Feedback on HOXTONPAUL@HOTMAIL.CO.UK please.

39:23 A message for the Vaxxed film people – why are you going around impersonating the Scientologists?
39(ish) Supposing its all true….why it is not. I explain what I think would have happened by now if there had ever been any basis in reality for the film.

41:18 QUACK CORNER. A regular feature on treatments, interventions, cures and generally turning us NEUROTYPICAL.

44:07 An introduction to Paul Wady’s shows, which neglects to mention what else I get up to like the Guerilla Aspies book, t shirts, badges and my worst seller – fridge magnets. More personal details to come.

45:43 PARENTS VERSES AUTISTIC ADVOCATES. An attempt to settle things via perspective. Different communities on the metaphorical spectrum. Different opinions. Same Neurodiversity Movement… (HINT = It’s a metaphor not a real thing).

53:53 The End. I thank you. 🙂

By Eve Reiland

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