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Autism Speaks Promotes Autistic Abuse & Calls It "Inclusion" | Eve Reiland

ABA (Applied Behavioural Analysis) Doesn’t Work. Year, after year, it doesn’t work.

The Department of Defense even said so, AGAIN.

But we’re getting ABA shoved down our throats from birth to death by Autism Speaks. Even in adult work programs.

A$ has done a good one here with the $$$ trade commodifying Autistic people for their careers and profit.

You think the bleachcult and antivaxxers have made billions off of us? … there just the baby teething on a toy compared to the power of Autism Speaks, Bob Wright and A$ board members.

This isn’t a grassroots organization. It launched with what, 35 million and merged most of the Autism charities in the States to control the Autism narrative? Remember the grandson of Autism speaks?

The mother of him, founding daughter, Katie Wright, and her quackroo pals, lead the #antivaxxer #bleachcult movement. She broke away, officially, from the big blue in 2007 because ABA didn’t work for her son.

Yes, the grandchild that prompted ABA for millions of Autistics – his own mama said, not that doesn’t work, it’s only been on study to show it does and that study has NEVER been replicated. (But please, stop listening to her there before you bleach out your child’s innards to reduce the ‘vaccine-injury’ toxins and ‘heal and recover’ Autistic children to normal. Which is an outright lie.)

Keeping A$ clean and shiny to others. (don’t for a second believe their not int his all together behind the scenes. it’s not hidden.)

A$ brought in legislation to get it covered by insurance (excluded Autistics from participating in any meaningful manner).

The therapy and $$$ numbers they speak about parents not being able to afford, costing idk 100k a year? That’s ABA.

The ABA they pushed on us, the ABA they made sure passed legislation, the ABA their side companies are profitting from … or their business cronies.

They, these billionaires, talked about how much money it all was, the devastation of families, and how the wold couldn’t afford 2% of it’s boys being Autistic.

While saying they ‘include’ us as they exclude us and pay lip service to potential donors to ‘show’ they are the good person and not the abuser of Autistics the past 15 years.

So A$ touts their BRAND New now. And … We’re supposed to forget the past (what last month?) – and this “that ws int he past” is definitely one of their party lines, because I’ve seen it exactly stated in social media hundreds of times now

— same with ‘not all autistics (watched that one roll out right from Alison Singer’s Spark for Autism support person online for their mission seeking Autistics to spit on a swab and do whatever they want with our dna registry. (mssng).

— and these party lines are being used to replace the ‘not like my child’ argument (which really meant, we only want to fund grants for the Autistics we decide are worthy enough to meet our criteria and make bank for my friend’s pharma and med pals)

No, after 15 years in an abusive relationship and — no. We didn’t pick you, we didn’t want you and you never were nice, but now .. you said a word ‘inclusion’ and co-opted the Autistic community civil rights movement trying to look like a friend instead of a corporate bully. Bullshit.

Nah, Keep the gaslighting and focus here on the actual facts: ABA is ABUSE.

A$ and board members, their big bz pals are profiting off Autistic people while leaving us on the streets, in prison, abuse, bleached, and created a toxic martyr mom and parent culture/community they call “autism community” to exclude us even.

they left us with labels that society judges us by – and leave us without any help if we are alive today.

A$ failed my children all these years. There’s no taking that back. My oldest is almost 27 and Autism Speaks has failed, failed and failed again. Worse they created a hostile culture and toxic cures push and a hate wave against Autistics we’re STILL fighting today.

The fight they keep flaming the parents to hold against us.

So there’s no help out here today for Autistic adults. Why? Because Autism Speaks promised a cure, ganked the money from our communities and nothing was ever done to actually help Autistic people live.

Apparently, we were supposed to be cured off the face of the planet by now and these support systems weren’t ever going to be needed.

So remember that – every dollar donated to them the past 15 years helped NO Autistic child in your community … ever.

Adore (sarcasm) the tokens and Uncle Toms out there … stepping up – accepting the $ and fighting their own people for a corporate non-profit that’s been created by the most powerful business people on the planet.

(Autistics raised by martyrs are … really a sad affair all about if they can’t break away to reality and are kept infantalized and misinformed by their people into their adult lives.)

Autism Speaks stole the voice of Autistic people for the past 15 years, and now they want me to forget all of that, and hold their hand and trust them.

Oh hell no.



and no.

And stay the HELL away from my Autistic children.

Stop the abuse. Stop the bullshit. Stop speaking over Autistic people and telling us you know better for us than we do.

Your ‘help’ comes with billions in profit. TO YOU. TO YOUR board members companies, and their bottom line.

How many people and businesses profited off Autistics, while stomping us into the ground?

All these ‘ABA cruises’ and ‘help the world of Autistics is gearing up to erase our brains … convert us into acceptable neurotypical whatevers …

Get this, these therapist have been taught to believe, and man actually believe it, that they help Autistic people to make eye contact, to talk and more. They believe their fucking heroes handing out gold stars…

Since the therapy has been proven to NOT be of benefit time and time and time again … what is happenign with all this ABA? The results are often: PTSD.

PTSD is a life sentence. A LIFE sentence. Remember that.

And already the #1 cause of early death is suicide for Autistic people.

So thanks for more of that with your therapy.

The advocates out here not making bank, most of us are in some poverty level of existence and are fighting A$ for a better future for ALL Autistics.

Not just the Autistics they like.

Not just the ones that make them $$$.

All of us.

All of us are worthy of better than Autism Speaks.

All of us.


Eve Reiland


The Department of Defense reported to Congress on Oct 25, 2019 about Comprehensive Autism Care that after 1 year of ABA treatment 76% of those with autism had no change in symptoms and 9% WORSENED by more than 1 standard deviation.

This reaffirms Navy Capt. Edward Simmer, chief clinical officer of the Tricare Health Plan, statement in November 2018 that the effectiveness of applied behavioral techniques for autism remains unproven.

(Year after year, the data says the same thing: ABA doesn’t work. Stop abusing Autistics.)

By Eve Reiland

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