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#KindnesCounts? This April, Make Your Donation Actually Count For Autistic People | Eve Reiland

So Autism Speaks is using a year of #KindnessCounts while co-opting Autistic Culture and another movement for their marketing rebrand (not change in A$ mission or treatment of Autistic people, but just their marketing … just the PR … mmmkay?).

They’re pushing ABA hard (always have especially with getting legislation in place for insurance companies to cover it) and it’s conversion therapy, abuse and causes PTSD in a massive way (a lifetime sentence of it too) and while they tout evidence-based, their study has never been replicated.

Even the United States Department of Defense says it’s DOESN’T WORK. Again.

(So piss off on those super soldiers via ABA eh? Remind any of the goals they had for re-shaping Autistic minds a few generations before now?)

There’s a massive amount of money in this ABA push, and I’m hearing things like medicaid will cover it now? They got cruise ships to teach people how to compliance train young children (infants too now?) through adulthood with this crap.

The blue light of abuse will be all about again soon, this april.

Here’s my call for the year … screw off on the marketing gimmicks to ‘triple donations’ to Autism Speaks so they can find a cure for us Autistics … and you know, eradicate us off the face of the planet and make us a word in only the history books (remember the mission) ….

they want you to donate and continue to fund their power over being the largest private backer of autism grants in the United States and the biggest influencer in Autism misinformation in the world.

Start following that giant money trail — see who’s making the most buck off of this ‘new market’ and then follow it back to see how many Autism Speaks board members are benefiting, or their big bz cronies companies, and you’ll start understanding why they want Autistic people to stay shut up.

Same reason the antivaxxer, bleach cult messiahs are hating our guts …

We’re killing their bottom line $$$$ in our civil rights movement. We’re fighting their commodification of Autistic people.

The more we’re head, the less they make. That’s also what makes this fight so damn dangerous for activists out here.

So how about this year you help us out ..

Instead, donate to a reputable Autistic charity, your local independent living center, or some place in your community that you know will stay in your community too.

Donate to buy ear defenders or sensory stim items or weighted blankets for your local Autistics young and old. This stuff is $$$ and we dont’ have it covered by insurance, but it makes a WORLD of difference in integrating with the big nosiy sensory overloading world out there.

Or donate to fierce autistic and allies fundraiser to help us fight the bleachcult in Chicago this May.

Autistics don’t get paid – unless their contracted with Autism Speaks or one of the other bad charities that buy up the tokens to pander to the non-autistic parents, and to battle our movement to protect their money makers.

So, this year, please make your donation #KindnessCounts really matter and keep it local, or keep it with reputable Autistic organizations.

#lightitupgold #REDinstead #AllAutistics

By Eve Reiland

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