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Wakefield Gets Message From Autistic Community In Paris | Louis Brunel, Crimson Âû

This event took place in Paris, France June 13, 2019.

Autistic activist Louis Brunel attended the Antivaxxer event with Andrew Wakefield, and delivered a message from the Autistic community.

One of the most badass moments of 2019.


[Transcribed English spoken words]

So here we go, this is not exactly a question from me, this is a message I wanted to deliver to you Mr. Wakefield.

Actually I’m Autistic and behalf of the Autistic community we wanted to thank you very much for all the harm you caused not only the people that could’ve avoided preventable diseases, but also all Autistic people, and Autistic children.

Especially, those who suffer from this abuse, the mms bleach, also bullshittery quackery treatments. That’s no way to treat Autistic, and this is caused by that information making people believe that correlation and chronicity does support causation, and that’s illogical fallacy.

It’s Post Hoc (???) fallacy.

Just because because it happened before event b event a which happened before does not cause event b.

In the matter of chronicity that is wrong.

Because people took this seriously, as something as the gospel as something totally true and the harm was done and now its too late.

Twenty years and we’re still at that now. Still with that abuse, bleach, stuff like that, quackery. Directly linked to this bullshittery you are responsible for …

Louis Brunel, Crimson Au