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Autism Speaks Co-Opts Autistic Culture in Marketing Rebrand | They Call It A Kindness

Here are some tweets they sent out and responses from the Autistic Community.

Screens as See On Twitter. Archiving them for Autistic History too.

Learn more about why we reimagined our look to include a spectrum of colors in addition to our traditional blue:

John Marble@JHMarble

Like putting lipstick on a damn pig.

Autistic people don’t need kindness. We need empowerment. It’s time for us to lead and for you to take all the damn seats.

To anyone unsure about what this “re-imagining” means:#AutismSpeaks is appropriating the neurodiversity movement in order to continue profiting off autistic people while harming us.

That’s what this is.#autism #autmisia #AutismAppropriation

EJ Willingham

If you had morphed that damned puzzle piece into a person, that might’ve been a step forward. As long as you use that puzzle piece–implying autistic people are just unintelligible mysteries, even when so many have explained its offense– there is no progress or reimagining here.


They still don’t represent the interests of most autistic people, and it’s clear they never had any intention to.

They primarily serve the people who fund them: parents, autism industry professionals, and people who want to be allies but are listening to the wrong advocates.

Ryan Hendry

And still not a word of apology for all the times you compared Autism to the AIDS epidemic, about how you SUPPORTED parents who MURDERED their Autistic Children, and painted us as homewreckers who destroy families.

Your PR rebrand can’t fix those things.

Brooke Winters

Autism speaks supporters (eg Shatner) often send their followers to harass autistic people who dare to criticise them and Autism Speaks have never asked them not to or spoken out about this. #KindnessCounts?


You are announcing the appropriation of our symbols for neurodiversity in addition to appropriating our voices.
This is wrong of you.
Please stop.

Richard Volker@Rvolkie

Replying to @autismspeaks
Amazing rebrarding. They turned their #autistic puzzle piece from blue to a rainbow. That is because autism is a beautiful spectrum. Whereas before it was a sad blue thing that didn’t fit and was kicked under the coach.
Russell Elliott@RussellElliott_

The friendly lower case lettering will also make the abusive ABA all the more palatable, so good for them!

Autism Speaks …. Remember When?

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