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The Doctor Who Fooled the World, by Brian Deer

The Doctor Who Fooled the World: Andrew Wakefield’s War on Vaccines

The news breaks first as a tale of fear and pity. Research at a London hospital has found a link between autism and a vaccine given to millions of children. Young parents are terrified. Immunisation rates slump. And a worldwide “anti-vax” movement takes off, while old diseases return to sicken and kill.

But one veteran reporter, Brian Deer, has doubts. He remembers something similar in the past. So he questions a mother carefully about what happened to her child, and her reply triggers his career-defining investigation.

Battling medical secrecy and establishment cover-ups, smear campaigns and lawsuits trying to gag him, Deer uncovers rigged research and moneymaking schemes. He discovers the heartbreaking plight of families struggling with disability, and exposes the scientific scandal of our time. …

Source: The Doctor Who Fooled the World, by Brian Deer

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