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Life skills classes for Autistics need to include how to be arrested & ask for a lawyer | Eve Reiland

Life skills classes for Autistics need to include how to be arrested, how to manage triggers/stress and how to ask for a lawyer if being questioned.

Parents of Autistics need to be EDUCATED on how to speak to 911 and other support for their children so they don’t set them UP for failure, and create a worse situation. That’s YOUR responsibility to learn.

Pay attention: This media coverage of ‘violent autistic’ – if this kid was ten at a amusement had a meltdown and some princess laid on the ground and supported them – it would hit the news outlets as inspiration porn. Because this kid’s older, it’s Autistic violence in the news instead.

And the media speaking to a parent-based group with a non-autistic about the experience is … talk to a legitimate Autistic organization like Autistic Self Advocacy Network. These parent groups locally are known to Autistic people and Autistic parents as not a good place for Autistic people, and massive pushers of the martyr and woo.

They aren’t Autistic allies in the least.

Wise up. So many of these stories I read, there’s signals to a meltdown coming and the parent pushes the autistic through to what they want, instead of attending the autistic’s needs.

Then the Autistic takes the blame.


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