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Wake. Bake. Caffeinate. Weekly w/Eve Reiland

Welcome to Wake. Bake. Caffeinate. Weekly | Episode 1

In this week’s presentation includes activity by Autistic Activists in London during the Vaxxed 2 premiere, an ASL lesson on name signs, latest in divergent news, Autistic history and more.


Eve Reiland


Divergent News

– Autism One | A Brief Introduction

– Petition | Ban Toxic Cures:

Autistic Activists and Advocates

– Protest Vaxxed 2 in London with AIM, Emma Dalmayne and Paul Wady

– The Autistic Front | An Intro to Antivaxxers

– Secret World of Autism, when antivaxxers heal and recover Autistics

Culture & Community

– Featured: ASL Lesson with Amanda Seigler from | Name Sign

– Meme of the Week: This week’s meme is by Robert Gehrman also known as The Autistic Avenger.

The Autistic Avenger on FB:

– Featured Read: A Jewish Autistic’s Experience Visiting a Concentration Camp via Amanda Seigler on

Autistic History

– Autistic Network International (ANI) | A Brief Introduction


Bullshit & The Quackery

– QAnon Youtubers are telling people to drink bleach to ward of Corona Virus.

Reported on Rolling Stone: