Meme: I am valid. I am whole. I am me. | The Autistic Avenger

I am valid. I am whole. I am me.

The entire Autistic brain is physically wired differently — Autism isn’t just one unique part of an otherwise-Neurotypical brain!

I need understanding and equitable accommodation in this world not built with Autistics in mind. But I have my strengths and am proud of who I am.

I may suffer from co-occurring conditions, mutual communication differences, and ableism, but I don’t suffer from being Autistic.

Even without those struggles, I would not be like you.

And I wouldn’t want to be like anyone who would wish I were different!

Autistics have unique skillsets, not “broken” ones. Neurotypical is NOT the gold standard! There is no legitimate standard neurotype. My brain is mine and I’m glad that I am me!

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