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The Ghost Beneath Me

To start with Jyna Life 1.0, I’m sharing these poems and prose bits written when I was a teenager.

The difficulty with my memory being so hopscotch, playing the here-and-then-gone-again game, is my recall of life isn’t in a linear format. These days I don’t feel the passing of time. A week, a month, five years … that internal sense of a clock ticking doesn’t exist for me anymore.

Thankfully, archives and journal entries help me figure out when and what was happening during various years.

[TW: Suicide ideation, Depression, Early PTSD Signs & More]

These words were written in a journal originally. Many of them probably penciled or penned during a high school class. Totally analog.

In retrospect, especially this morning, it seems with politics, society and war … well, it seems that some of these could’ve been written yesterday or today even though the entries are over 30…

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