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Henny Kupferstein Is in an Accommodations Bat: Fierce Autistics and Allies Needs Your Help

Fierce Autistics and Allies started this petition to ACLU and 3 others

Henny is a jewish autistic advocate and researcher. She is finishing her PhD in Psychology and her University will not let her finish the last semester. The registrar’s office won’t even let her finish her degree. She needs this to be brought to court, and finish her degree. She deserves to get a PhD in her psychology degree. They will not accommodate her, they will not let her finish. 

Her public statement is below! Please sign this petition and share it. 

Autistics deserve degrees, not failed education systems. We deserve to work in society, and do what we love.

What does this #actuallyautistic #autism #researcher need to get her PhD? Do non-autistics coordinate the culmination of their academic achievements and orchestrate a defense of their dissertation and graduate by using social skills? Or do they also have to (1) hire a lawyer to begin for ADA accommodations (2) arrive physically to the registration office Saybrook University in a wheelchair, one week after surgery (3) rupture an incision and bleed through dress (“surgical wound dehiscence”), hospital, antiobiotics… please list more steps that I have neglected to take. (I’m in my last semester to graduate, and my school retaliated by withdrawing my registration for this semester, their only solution to oppress me. #idontbreak #isqueal)

#pressrelease on twitter…

By Eve Reiland

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