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Just one supportive adult cuts the chance an LGBTQ youth will attempt suicide by 40%

A pair of reports courtesy of the Trevor Project shine a light on the importance of a supportive adult voice in the lives of LGBTQ youth: just having at least one accepting adult in their lives reduced the chance of a suicide attempt by an LGBTQ youth by 40 percent.

While past studies have focused on the importance of parents who accept their LGBTQ children, this new report goes farther, finding out that any supportive adult can make a difference.

A total of 34,808 youth took part in the survey, with 25,896 included in the final sample. Of these, 20,202 had disclosed their orientation to their patents, a different family member, a teacher or guidance counselor, or a doctor or healthcare provider.

A follow-up asked how much they were accepted by those they had disclosed their sexual or gender orientation to. This was then compared to these same subject’s suicide attempts or suicidal ideation in the past year. …


By Eve Reiland

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