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So #Antivaxxers / #Bleachcult Threaten Violence To Shut Down Nevada Vaccination Information Event

Damn #antivaxxers / #bleachcult can’t let you have anything nice … without bringing their violence (again) to stop the actual truth being taught about vaccines and saving real babies and humans from vaccine-preventable diseases and death.

All this violence in the name of Autistic people. That is their reason you know — the vaccine-autism lie is still large and well with them. Imagine they want to beat the hell out of you so more people like myself, like my children, like my friends, like my minority group won’t be created with that mercury/thimerosol/death injection.

They attack the parents of those who’ve lost children to their belief system. Real children. Real deaths. Not the fake ones they talk about. Not the lies they promote.

And even then these bleachers won’t accept responsibility for their woowoo+ka-ching. They just double, triple and quadruple down. The organizations that brought us these outbreaks aren’t taking responsibility for their part in this — Autism Speaks, Generation Rescue, TACA, AutismOne and far more owe the world reparations and more. But there they sit … quiet and avoiding the entire subject of their involvement in today’s outbreak crisis and deaths.

Nope, if I recall in a recent article Bob Wright wasn’t available for comment on his part of directing my children’s and my Autistic healthcare. But you couldnt’ shut him up about the autisms epidemic before … so now he won’t talk.

Yeah .. this year is going to be very eye-opening when the next series of exposes come out. One day I want to read the major news stories about Autism Speaks, and how they didn’t just mess up Autistic people – they used their money and power to bring back eradicated preventable diseases and deaths.

The largest private back of Autism research in the United States got the final say where to put money for grants, what ‘theories’ to fund not by scientiest – but by Bob Wright and his cronies.

Now tell me, do you want health freedom for your personal self as dictated by an ex-NBC exec and beyond-rich pals? Do you want these people in charge of your Autistic child’s health care options?

I don’t. Not for my children. Not for myself. Three generations now failed by Autism Speaks, and now this generation … if they get the chance to grow into adulthood.


Eve Reiland

Threatening behaviour caused the cancellation.

Vaccination event in US cancelled amid harassment from anti-vaxxers

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