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Outrage Over “Lazy” Products and its Impact on Disability [CC] – Annie Elainey

Today’s video is a little bit of a long overdue examination on how social hatred for “laziness” very easily weaves itself into ableism. Laziness is characterized by unwillingness; limitations are not equivalent to laziness, however, people rarely take the time to consider the difference.
In my experiences as a chronically ill person, I’ve been called lazy literally for being chronically ill. People assume laziness of young people with disabilities, hence this overwhelming prejudice and assumption that mobility aid or not, if a young person is using accessible resources they MUST be lazy and deserving of scorn. Then comes the impact on how this hatred for laziness ignites people to create campaigns to ban or discontinue products that are accessible resources for disabled people, denying them accessibility, followed by the more blatant imagery I think I’ve ever seen wherein the commercial for an accessible item… a powerchair was used as a symbol for laziness.
Let’s discuss! Links as promised!
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My Associate Store: CHANNEL DESCRIPTION Annie Segarra (Annie Elainey) creates mainly first-person videos on introspective topics, social topics, sharing her experiences and thoughts on disability, body image, LGBT topics, gender equality, etc, as well as creative content; a variety of music/artistic media and short films. Annie identifies as a queer disabled (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome) Latinx woman and uses she and they pronouns.

By Eve Reiland

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