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Neurodivergent Labour | Janine Booth – Video

Autistic Inclusive Meets Emma Dalmayne

Janine Booth reading out a message of support of Neurodivergent Labour from John McDonnell MP, he has stated that if Labour are elected the Manifesto WILL be implemented. Please read manifesto here:

By Eve Reiland

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2 replies on “Neurodivergent Labour | Janine Booth – Video”

Well, this post didn’t age well now, did it? Thank God Corbyn was buried in the polls, anyway! This is a crushing blow from which the nasty, misanthropic, hostile, embittered, irrational Neurodiversity death cult is never going to recover. Now we can all work on making a less divided Britain, with less fanatical partisanship. People of all neurotypes are going to move beyond the nightmare of neurological identity politics. We are one country, one people, one nation under God, of every creed and color. It’s time for me and other people with autism or any other kind of neurodivergence, to step up to the mark and replace neurodiversity with new, anti-postmodern narratives that the people can get behind, regardless of whether they are or aren’t neurodivergent. We, as a country, need to move away from man-made, materialistic ideologies. We have an environmental crisis on our hands, and the only way forward is to crowd out materialistic cults from the public sphere and work towards a spiritual civilisation, not a material civilisation. Ecological civilisation means a society founded on higher values, not market values. Man-made, materialistic ideologies like liberalism (aka the free market), Communism, White Nationalism, Neurodiversity and anything else of that ilk need to go. We’ve got plenty of Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, Orthodox Christians, Orthodox Jews, Catholics, Evangelicals, Bahai’s, whoever! That’s what’s needed for a democracy of virtue, not a democracy of vice. But that’s all for the future. For now: in a period ravaged by autistic co-morbids like acid reflux, I’ve had a bit of more cheering news, to see the end of Neurodiversity in the UK. I’ve got the feeling things are about to change… Forever. And I am quite sure I am not alone in my relief. Don’t think many of us here in the UK particularly like the Tories either, but the main job is done, which was to keep Corbyn out, and to completely neutralise the Neurodiversity cult and stop it from exercising its illegitimate hegemony over the UK. I believe special interests are seriously on the wane at last…


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