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International Anti-Vax Conspiracy Theory Day | 12.13.19

Internationally, Conspiracy Theorist Anti-Vaxxers are popping up to inform us of their Google and YouTube “research.” Only because of Social Media, not because of any legitimacy.

In light of their grand achievements, the International day for Anti-Vax conspiracy theory has come about, to shine a light on their WOO and BS.

The day is to celebrate their ignorance and arrogance. To celebrate their great achievements, like assault of politicians, throwing menstrual blood in parliament, lying through their teeth vaccines causing Autism, their YouTube “proof” and the Google and MEME “facts.”

To also celebrate how much money the prominent loons gain from Anti-Vaxxer gullibility, like Del Bigtree, Robert F.Kennedy jr., Toni Bark, Suzanne Humphries, Christopher Exley, Romain Gherardi, Chris Shaw, to name but a few.

To shine a light on their pseudoscience BS… on Friday the 13th. Source: International Anti-Vax Conspiracy Theory day

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