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Before You Sticker Autistics: Reality Snapshot of Autistic, Divergent & Disabled Stigma & Abuse

The abuse towards Autistic, Divergent and Disabled people is unGodly and common.

Before we talk about identifying ourselves on government ID, being added to registry lists and so forth — take a look at what I see day in and day out.

Headlines of how we’re treated by loved ones, caregivers, school employees, teachers, law enforcement, and more. Take a look at what happens to Autistic people all the time.

It’s ugly. And until the stigma is addressed, and broken, and until we get valid, real support and voice there’s no way in hell a sticker is going to make ‘a person with autism’ any safer or better during a traffic stop.

It won’t address the trauma most Autistics have from previous experiences with others. It won’t teach about sensory overload is more than lights, sound and eye contact. It does nothing to train law enforcement and first responders how to interact better with Autistic people.

Until there’s help for this horror that goes on day after day … until we stop justifying Autistics being shocked for their own ‘good’ at Judge Rotenberg Center … and worse … before marking us to others with the thought it’s going to help – first look at the reality of what it means to live Autistic in this world … these headlines are just a scratch of the surface … imagine what doesn’t get reported..

Just a snapshot of reality.



P.S. Please work with Autistic, Divergent and Disabled communities before bringing ‘solutions’ to the table. We are a people: the largest minority group on the planet. Come talk to us before you try to ‘solve’ us.

Headlines …

By Eve Reiland

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