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The Story Behind Netflix Documentary ‘Tell Me Who I Am’ | with Note From Eve

The new film explores who we are when we lose our memory—and how an identity can be reconstructed

Source: The Story Behind Netflix Documentary ‘Tell Me Who I Am’ | Time


Note from Eve: 

So I watched this documentary, “Tell Me Who I Am,” and have been processing this experience for these brothers and also my own.

For me though, when trying to piece memories together after losing them with the onset of FND in 2010/2011. I was mostly bed-bound or couch-bound those days.

When I started to get better, walk, talk (some), and just move my body and socialize … I did. Met some new folks at coffee. One a predator.

Now imagine starting to understand your world again, putting pieces together, or not remembering at all … and then add that to flashbacks (that I don’t remember) but where I speak and share things from my life — and later on … I have no memory of it.

So many years my nickname was Fifty First Dates – I simply couldn’t keep time constructed linear in my mind.

Now imagine the person who helps you during is not a trusted twin … but a predator who becomes your friend, and then more.

But what they really are is …

An abuser. A liar. Theif. and far more.

Imagine them being the person who you depend on to tell you the truth about your life. To help you figure out how to live in this new world … and they’ve done a mighty fine job of isolating me and fucking with my brain.

Oh the hell I’ve lived. But the closest thing I can show anyone is this documentary I just watched, and say .. imagine if that person wasn’t a twin – but rather a predator and you might be able to start understanding what happened in those years.

I’m just starting to process it. ..

By Eve Reiland

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