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Today is World Children’s Day and these are the photos taken in Public Institution Pazaric near Sarajevo. | Minuette Mima Macon 

Minuette Mima Macon is feeling ashamed.

Today I feel like I lost everything I hold sacred … Today is World Children’s Day and these are the photos taken in Public Institution Pazaric near Sarajevo.

Sabina Cudic from Nasa stranka, in her role as MP in the Federal House of Representatives, called a press conference and presented materials of systematic abuse and mistreatment of residents of this Institution – children with special needs.

“I remind you all of the position of the Federal Government earlier this year that the needs of the residents of Pazaric are not endangered. Yet, children are tied up, many of them are tied up for 24 hours. Many children have health problems. Children are tied to furniture because they are left with one person overnight, often not expert. The Federal Government hides and protects people from the Supervisory and Management Boards.”.

Today, by refusing to urgently discuss this issue, Federal Government proved that they are accomplice in this crime. Parties that voted against discussion are: SDA, HDZ & DF.

This is 21st century in Bosnia & Herzegovina. I feel ashamed to be member of this society. As a mother of child in autism spectrum I fear for life of my child in years to come as this is just an example of what BH system is ready to do to those in need.


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