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Fake News Claim For Autism Speaks Revenue | John Greally

Fake news claim for A$ after years of falling income thanks to Autistic opposition to their hate-filled scam existence.

Autism Speak$ just went into retrenchment/survival mode.

The reports are here for all to read:

The fall in Income was over $2 million for the year. It would have been far greater without radical changes in accounting practice just to hide the relentless slide.

There were severe cutbacks to expenses – $12 million!

Much office space was abandoned.
$18 million in cash suddenly had to be retained to cover next year’s expected shortfalls..

Government grants, once vast, have ceased.

  • Corporate non-cash donations fell 30%.
  • Services/support fell $3 million.
  • Understanding/acceptance fell $7 million.
  • Science grants fell $3 million.
  • Media services fell $13 million.

Autism Speak$ was forced to approach many previous givers who donated with “tagged-funds” for set purposes, and ask them to release A$ from that tagging, or obligation.

Assets rose steeply, yet depreciation plummeted by 30% – a sure sign that changes in amortisation policy are being used to mask the true situation – asset inflation, puffery.

( Thank you to Eve Reiland and tens of thousands of others, people who can take bas organisations down with a really nifty thingy called ……. the unvarnished truth.

❤ )

Autism Speaks Revenue Surges: Story is here

By Eve Reiland

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