Emma Dalmayne | Open Minds Conference Protest – Video

Autistic Inclusive Meets Emma Dalmayne

An update on the police call that were went out on me before we even arrived at Waterford.

We were there representing our organisation, Autistic Inclusive Meets: https://facebook.com/events/427389473…

The ableism, sexual harrassment and hatred we received on Friday November 8th protesting the Open Minds Conference outside Waterford Dooleys Hotel.

Concierge told protestors before we arrived that police had been called as I had threatened to petrol bomb the hotel.

Caroline Adams is the name they used to report me to police. I made no threats of violence or petrol bombing.

On November 8th @AIMautistic protested the Open Mind Conference Dooleys Waterford. Ben Gilroy asked for a picture with me, then if “We could tell everyone we were secret lovers” he asked “Can I touch your bum?”. I was protesting Anti Vaxx rhetoric. I said no to both requests.

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