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As Seen On Facebook | How Long Before Scientists Realize Some Basic Facts About Autistics? – Âûtistic News Feed

Like a scientist realising a child can also feel anxiety, or that autistics partner-up later in life on average, or than no lab-mouse purposefully damaged or bred with a defect could ever stand-in for an autistic in any ridiculous and bigot-spawned search for a ‘cure’, how long is it going to be before so-called scientists learn some very basic facts about autistics, so they stop producing such already known or naff or ridiculous or speculative or wild or sensational or harmful rubbish at such a huge cost.

None of the estimated $3 billion a year spent is going to help #actuallyautistic people. It’s all like Nazi cranium-shape and nose-width measuring designed to bolster a mythical norm and get yet another minority exterminated.

It’s time the funders of almost all autism research were called to account for such a serious ongoing failure – talk to autistics first. Many autistic are shaking their heads or laughing at you. Most Autistic commentators want you collectively punished.

“Many over-50s who were diagnosed with autism late in life (sample=9) had grown up believing they were bad people, according to a new study published in the journal Health Psychology and Behavioural Medicine.”

It’s 2019. Why did it take 39 years to talk with 9 autistics? How much did this cost? Were the autistics paid? This is not the worst study, in fact it might herald a slight change in fortunes for autistics, but really, Anglia Ruskin University, you should still be ashamed.

~ ʎllɐǝɹƃ uɥoɾ

By Eve Reiland

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