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Prosecute Makers Of Vaxxed For Hate Speech Against Autistic People | Circa 2017

Vaxxed is a film made by Cinema Libre, the creation of the disgraced doctor Andrew Wakefield.

This film claims repeatedly that vaccines are dangerous and cause autism, the makers have filmed disabled teenagers without their permission in various states of undress and depict them as ‘vaccine injured’.

The only ‘proof’ of this is the parents belief. Wakefield’s partners in the film Del Bigtree and Polly Tommey of the Autism Trust on and off screen describe autism as an epidemic,an injury, brain damage, disease and a holocaust! Del Bigtree states in an off shoot video related to Vaxxed that people should “Stand up against the government and excericse their right to bear arms” against possible mandatory vaccination enforcement.

He also compares autistic children to dogs and chimpanzees.

Polly Tommey owns the Autism Trust who are accepting donations for Vaxxed and has publicly stated on video that “Parents are killing their children with autism and I for one will never judge them for that!”.

Parents are urged to take their children on the Vaxxed bus and undergo periscope interviews in which they allege their children are ‘vaccine injured’ , that they were once ‘normal’ but are now ‘damaged’. The children in many cases have been diagnosed as autistic, learning disabled or with ADHD are then if they are able taken outside to sign their name on the Vaxxed bus with silver sharpies along with a number that ‘shows’ them as vaccine injured. They are given tshirts to reinforce this.

i ask as an autistic woman that this be stopped, that Disabilty Rights Texas and all other human rights organisations prosecute Vaxxed for hate speech and Disabilty discrimination.

My children and myself are not injured damaged or at fault in any way, we demand the right to live in a world where we are not labeled a holocaust.

View the petition on

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