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Bill Maher Says Vaccine-Autism Link Is Not ‘Crazy’| Eve Reiland says @billmaher, Autistic People Aren’t Your Conspiracy Theory. Stop Harming Us.

The longtime HBO host promoted the views of a well-known vaccination skeptic on his Friday night show.

Source: Bill Maher Says Vaccine-Autism Link Is Not ‘Crazy’: ‘We Don’t Know S**t’ | HuffPost

Note From Eve:

FFS, Bill Maher, just spouted his ‘opinion’ on vaccines being connected to autism and … thanks a lot Bill, here we go again.

The harm and damage done by these celebrity influencers to Autistic people needs to be acknowledged and halted.

Maher’s opinion on my people is oppressing, harmful and flares up the autistic stigma hate wave … Autistic people live this, not Bill Maher.

We do however get to live out the ripple effect of his bs opinions. Our Autistic kids get the bs from classmates on the playground.The bullying, the ugly … it never stops.

It’s utter bs that Bill Maher has an opinion that affects my entire family’s health care and incredibly insulting because we aren’t ‘Vaccine injured’ anything – rather we’re alive today w/o measles, mumps, ruebella, polio.

absolute rubbish.


Eve Reiland

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