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Trick or treat!

I’d (The Aspergian) like to ask a favor of our subscribers. One very important issue that goes underrepresented in autistic advocacy is nonspeaker (often mistermed non-verbal) and communication choice rights.

This one is very important to our core values at The Aspergian, and it should also be important to yours. Communication choice is the radical idea that people should be empowered to have access to the tools and instruction best suited to them to communicate.

Autastic Tom makes a great video on the importance of accommodations for sensory needs and communication choice and explains the accommodations he needs to communicate and navigate sensory overwhelm and offers timely tips for Halloween accommodations.

So the favor…

I would like to ask all of our followers to watch Autastic Tom’s video, like it, and SUBSCRIBE to his channel on YouTube. Content creators can’t unlock features until they have enough subscribers. Besides, Autastic Tom is AUsome and makes great videos. It only takes a second and costs you nothing.

Let us know in the comments (at the Aspergian) if you subscribed!

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