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An Open Letter to PETA | Circa Sept 2017 | Queerly Autistic


Okay, PETA.

Let’s lay some things out on the table so that we both know where we stand.

I don’t like you. Not necessarily the seed of your message, but the ways in which you choose to share it. I don’t like that you have used everything from the objectification of women’s bodies to the shaming of fat bodies, as well as sprinkling in a little exploitation of tragedies that have happened to real people. I don’t like that such a large percentage of the companion animals in your shelters are put to sleep, for reasons which I personally believe lie with an ideology death is better for them than to live with humans. There was also that time you preemptively celebrated about a virus that made people ‘allergic’ to meat, completely overlooking the fact that some people literally have to eat meat to survive (whether due to physical condition, a neurological difference that impacts food preferences, or due to poverty restricting dietary options). …

Source: An Open Letter to PETA | Queerly Autistic

By Eve Reiland

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