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Oh HELL NO! @AutismSpeaks GET OUT OF MY FAMILY’s LIFE | 3 CEOs pledge to help create 1 million jobs for people with special needs by 2025 – ABC News

NOTE From Eve:

How dare they say their going to help us get jobs now? Autism Speaks we’ve been fighting you for years to help us with real life stuff … even have protesters with signs that say “find a cure won’t get me a job” and now you think you’re the answer to the Autistic community needs for employment?

You alienated Autistic community and people. You’ve actively battled us – and still do. But now you’re going to be the ones taking a lead for the quality of our lives?

Your fucking budget is still set to cure. Your organization is set on ableist twuntry that excludes Autistic people, caters to parents with fear-mongering and donation nabbing — and created a false/fake Autistic culture around us without us — and Autistic people are suffering everyday because of Autism Speaks.

We suffer suicide, murder, incarceration as care, bullying, predators, abuse, abuse, abuse, abuse, abuse, and more fucking abuse, violations of our civil and human rights (Autism Speaks endorsed btw) and the misinformation and bs put out by you is atrocious and immoral.

And now, without including us STILL, you’re going to help us get a job.

FUCK, you going to ABA our employment support too? Unmitigated disaster for us awaits. ffs.

You’re NOT the hope — You’re the bad man. Your the monster.

This is like the KKK being in charge of the US Diversity Program and implementing employment programs. How utterly disgusting this is – and how utterly disgusting that anyone accepts these people doing this to us – around us – silencing us – ignoring us – sending their fucking thugs to scream at us and make the word self-advocate a slur.

Really, have you seen the Billy Mann receipts, seen the bullying by NCSA, and more … these are the people you want me to trust with my family’s future.




Didn’t choose you. You know that. Quit talking over us. Where’s my Autistic American right to representation in legislation?

I’m an American with the inalienable right to my brain and person hood. Same as every OTHER American.

No ONE has the right to “fix” me.

Where’s our representation in legislation? WHERE?


Eve Reiland


The CEOs of Autism Speaks, Best Buddies and the Special Olympics jointly announced a sweeping initiative to get 1 million people with special needs hired.

Source: 3 CEOs pledge to help create 1 million jobs for people with special needs by 2025 – ABC News

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