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Mental Illness & Crisis Care | Video

Over 5 million individuals visit hospital emergency departments each year with a primary mental
health diagnosis.

 Families, individuals, law enforcement and others rely on emergency departments to provide
timely, competent and compassionate medical care during a psychiatric emergency.

 California hospitals have decreased inpatient psychiatric beds by 22% over the last decade,
while the total number of acute care beds in the state has remained stable.

 Up to 63% of individuals living with a mental illness also live with a significant medical condition
which may require care during a psychiatric medical emergency.

 California has made significant progress in recent years in training law enforcement to respond
appropriately to situations that involve mental illness. (Crisis Intervention Training)

 We should expand on the success of SB 82 (2013) by supporting additional capacity in the
community through mobile crisis teams, crisis stabilization units and peer respite.

 Due to the current lack of crisis stabilization services in many counties, hospitals and emergency
departments are over capacity and working to provide emergency psychiatric care.

 Emergency departments should be staffed with mental health professionals, and should provide
mental health training to staff, including emergency physicians.

 We should encourage partnerships between hospitals, health systems, counties, law
enforcement, families and individuals in order to maximize our current capacity and provide the
best care.
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By Eve Reiland

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