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Mental Illness & Housing Info | Video

California has the largest number of homeless veterans in the United States at 24% of the total
population in our nation. (

50% of California’s veterans live with serious mental illness

 26% of homeless adults staying in shelters live with serious mental illness and 46% live with
severe mental illness and/or substance use disorders.

 Tenants of permanent supportive housing reduced their visits to the emergency department by
56 percent, and their hospital admissions by 45 percent.

 Housing options must be provided across the continuum of care and include crisis residential
facilities for adults and children.

Talking Points:
 Supportive housing services have been shown to be effective in promoting improved outcomes
for consumers and family members.

 Housing is critical to recovery and must be available to individuals with mental illness.

 Housing is a key factor in the recovery and rehabilitation of clients who live with serious mental
health conditions.

 Individuals with serious mental illnesses need a wide array of options for permanent, decent,
and affordable housing, and should be based on an individual’s needs.

Bill Information: Assembly Bill 727 (Nazarian): Mental Health Services Act: housing assistance.

• Introduced February 15, 2017 by Assemblyman Nazarian (Consent Calendar, Senate Floor)
• NAMI CA Supports AB 727

• This bill expands the ability of counties to use Mental Health Services Act funds on housing

assistance by permitting counties to use Community Services and Supports funds on housing
assistance regardless of whether a person participates in a Full-Service Partnership.

• AB 727 will allow clients to continue treatment

By Eve Reiland

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