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International Autist Human Rights Charter | Video

1. THE RIGHT TO LIFE  We will prevent eugenic elimination of autistic people by opposing pre-natal testing for autism.

2. THE RIGHT TO HUMANITY  We will oppose physically or mentally harmful “treatments” targeting autistic people.

3. THE RIGHT TO PARITY  We will emphasise the “spectrum” view of autism, and de-emphasise the differences between the various autism spectrum labels.

4. THE RIGHT TO IDENTITY  We will oppose the idea of an autism “cure”.

5. THE RIGHT TO SAFETY  We will seek evaluation of alleged treatments for ethical approaches.

6. THE RIGHT TO SUPPORT  We will seek increased funding for, and access to, autistic support services and ethical forms of treatment.

7. THE RIGHT TO REPUTATION  We will oppose negative publicity campaigns against autistic people as a group.

8. THE RIGHT TO ACCURACY We will help promote an accurate yet positive image of autism.

9. THE RIGHT TO EQUALITY  To oppose all forms of prejudice and bigotry.

charter created by Aspies For Freedom (AFF) was founded in 2004, and established June 18 as Autistic Pride Day starting in 2005. AFF was also instrumental in initiating protests against the National Alliance for Autism Research, Cure Autism Now, and the Judge Rotenberg Center.[12]

By Eve Reiland

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