Fundraiser by Amanda Seigler Cvt : Let’s Get Fierce Autistics and Allies Started

Let's Get Fierce Autistics and Allies Started There is a shortage of autistic led organizations in the United States. ASAN cannot do all the work themselves. I am starting an organization to help fight the misinformation and abusive treatments. This will also be a way to get together with other autistics and allies socially. Our …

The Truth Rundown, Part 2 — Death in slow motion

New details about the case of Lisa McPherson, who died in the care of Scientologists, from the executive who directed the Church of Scientology’s handling of the case. He admits he ordered the destruction of incriminating evidence. Source: The Truth Rundown, Part 2 — Death in slow motion

Elected Scientologist, Clearwater council candidate trade explosive barbs

CLEARWATER — It’s not every meeting of the Downtown Development Board that includes talk of pedophilia, bestiality or Nazism.But last week’s meeting included discussion of all three as City Council candidate Mark Bunker deepened his feud with the Church of Scientology. Source: Elected Scientologist, Clearwater council candidate trade explosive barbs

Scientology, a smiling storefront, a darker interior: Opinion

This column was originally published in the June 23, 2009, edition of the then-St. Petersburg Times as part of The Truth Rundown series. Either several former ranking, long-term members of the Church of Scientology have all simultaneously decided to lie to the St. Petersburg Times, in a thorough, orchestrated and masterful conspiracy … Or else they are …