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Wake. Bake. Caffeinate. Talkin’ The Autism Cares Act 2019 | Eve Reiland

Wake. Bake. Caffeinate. Talkin the autism cares act

Laura Ivanova Smith · 0:31 I am big fan of cannabis as will

Laura Ivanova Smith · 0:24 That epic

Cassie Crosman · 1:18:29 The next reauthorization isn’t until 2024. Will they listen to us then?

Eve Reiland · 0:08 how can they pass legislation for us without representation?

Amy Doran · 3:11 This is how I deal with my mind and chronic illness. I was like 18 and someone told me about how caffeine and weed is a good ADHD med lol1

Amanda Seigler · Amy Doran caffeine might be bc it’s a stimulant but weed is not a stimulant so that makes no sense

Amy Doran · 0:00 It does because cannabis is literally prescribed for ADHD. It is why I am prescribed it. A lot of oof people use cannabis as medication for many issues related to ADHD and autism. People also use nonstimulant drugs for ADHD… You can say it makes no s…See More3

Amanda Seigler · Amy Doran see i learned something today2

Amanda Seigler · Amy Doran I’m shiny and i didn’t know this1

Amy Doran · 0:00 “To avoid these adverse effects, some people with ADHD use marijuana as a treatment option. This is because marijuana is believed to have the same impact on dopamine levels as prescription medications… Some schools of thought suggest that ADHD migt s…See More2

Amy Doran · 0:00 or hide thisMEDICALNEWSTODAY.COMMarijuana and ADHD: Research and risksMarijuana and ADHD: Research and risks1

Amy Doran · 0:00 this was the first article I found but it doesn’t recognize cannabis as medicine and just as a recreational drug but it still explains things.2

Amy Doran · 0:00 Amanda Seigler 😁😁💚

Amanda Seigler · Amy Doran it pot didn’t literally make me puke (i like the smell but i had a physical reaction) i would try it1

Amy Doran · 0:00 Amanda Seigler You could try taking cbd oil. It’s non-psychoactive. Maybe you are allergic tho.1

Cassie Crosman · 0:00 Link to thread:

Cassie Crosman · 1:32:51 I’ll link it if you want. Kerry Margo was one of their only autistic staffers

Cassie Crosman · 1:31:54 It was hilarious, he asked me for an interview 😂😂😂

Amanda Seigler · 1:32:12 Link it!

Cassie Crosman · 1:31:41 He is a former A$ staff member

Cassie Crosman · 1:31:31 Did you see Kerry Margo’s comment on my post?

Cassie Crosman · 1:31:12 I don’t know if even they will listen. Everyone ignores us.1Delete or hide this

Cassie Crosman · 1:30:13 And A$ is heavily involved in Autism CARES1

Cassie Crosman · 1:30:03 Autism CARES is funding eugenics.1

Chuck McIntyre · 1:30:06 My mind blanked…. what specifically in this case a civil rights violation? Was it because they are associated with Autism Speaks?

Cassie Crosman · 1:18:29 Yes! It has been “combating” autism since 2006. Mendenz’s letter is proof it hasn’t changed since then.

Cassie Crosman · 1:18:29 It’s so discouraging. 😦

Cassie Crosman · 1:18:29 OR will the NIH keep getting more money to cure us?

Amanda Seigler · 1:27:02 We keep fighting. We are getting heard

Cassie Crosman · 1:18:29 I know. It’s disgusting.

Cassie Crosman · 1:18:29 I am, too. 😦

Cassie Crosman · 1:18:29 They are supposed to be the “progressive” party, but they still exhibit ableism. Both sides do. They are not progressive enough to recognize we don’t want to be “cured.”

Cassie Crosman · 1:18:29 That was a lie.

Cassie Crosman · 1:18:29 They didn’t block it.

Cassie Crosman · 1:18:29 Amen!!!

Chuck McIntyre · 1:22:18 I still like Bernie or Warren.1

Cassie Crosman · 1:18:29 Exactly! I’m liberal and I was disgusted by this!

Cassie Crosman · 1:18:29 I would have been glad if Republicans blocked this one. Gives more time to reform it.

Cassie Crosman · 1:18:29 They didn’t. He’s making himself look good.

Cassie Crosman · 1:18:29 I can’t believe that email was even approved. Also, the last part was completely false. Senate Republicans were in favor, too.Delete or hide this

Cassie Crosman · 1:18:29 Doubt he’ll get back to me

Cassie Crosman · 1:18:29 I am going to PM Bob Menendez

Cassie Crosman · 1:18:07 Yes!!! We need our voices heard! VOTE!!!

Amanda Seigler · 1:17:53 I’m autistic and i vote

Cassie Crosman · 1:17:40 #NothingAboutUsWithoutUs1

Cassie Crosman · 1:17:28 Autism CARES doesn’t care about us!

Chuck McIntyre · 1:17:03 You’re an exceptional Autistic American1

Cassie Crosman · 1:16:16 It is.

Cassie Crosman · 1:16:06 The last paragraph if you can make it that far is the worst

Cassie Crosman · 1:15:44 It’s bipartisan. And Bob Wright was in his ear

Cassie Crosman · 1:15:29 He was going to sign it no matter what

Cassie Crosman · 1:15:13 He means “autism moms”

Cassie Crosman · 1:14:03 Ableism is not a political issue, it’s a societal one. He’s a Democrat!

Cassie Crosman · 1:13:47 I know, right??

Cassie Crosman · 1:12:09 There is a transcript since the text is hard to read

Amanda Seigler · 1:12:18 Oh eww

Cassie Crosman · 1:11:39 He was responsible for authoring Autism CARES

Cassie Crosman · 1:11:22 Bob Menendez said it was a “no brainer” to want to treat and cure autism

Amanda Seigler · 1:11:02 That’s on my history post next week

Cassie Crosman · 1:11:00 Hi, Amanda!!

Cassie Crosman · 1:10:44 This email says it all.…/rpp…/1135056846883031/…

Amanda Seigler · 1:10:32 Hi Cassie!!1

Cassie Crosman · 1:10:05 Sorry, my computer is frozen, one sec

Cassie Crosman · 1:08:35 Let me link itDelete or hide this

Cassie Crosman · 1:08:31 Did you read the email from Senator Bob Menendez? It was very ableist

Chuck McIntyre · 1:08:06 They would know if didn’t ignore them.

Cassie Crosman · 1:07:42 They also approve of Autism CARES

Cassie Crosman · 1:07:30 They are another “autism charity”

Cassie Crosman · 1:07:19 Yes

Chuck McIntyre · 1:06:40 Zoe Gross

Chuck McIntyre · 1:06:24 ASAN has had Autistic Lawyers.

Cassie Crosman · 1:05:28 Openly autistic. Probably isn’t the first autistic lawyer, but the first autistic lawyer who isn’t afraid to say so.

Cassie Crosman · 1:04:43 Yes! Shoutout to Haley!!

Cassie Crosman · 1:04:20 Finally made it in time. I always sleep through these.

Cassie Crosman · 1:04:03 Hey!!

Amanda Seigler · 1:01:39 They aren’t doing well enough

Amanda Seigler · 48:41 My husband went to college for law enforcement so he is helping me

Eve Reiland · 6:58…/…Edit or delete thisINTHELOOPABOUTNEURODIVERSITY.WORDPRESS.COMThe Autism CARES Act Still Seeks to “Combat” AutismThe Autism CARES Act Still Seeks to “Combat” Autism

Eve Reiland · 6:58…/asan-statement-on…/…Edit or delete thisAUTISTICADVOCACY.ORGASAN Statement on Autism CARES ActASAN Statement on Autism CARES Act

Eve Reiland · 6:58…/116t…/house-bill/1058/text…

Eve Reiland · 6:58…/trump-signs-autism…/1128108922…Edit or delete thisKTVZ.COMTrump signs ‘Autism CARES Act’ into lawTrump signs ‘Autism CARES Act’ into law

Amanda Seigler · 44:32 What?!

Amanda Seigler · 41:43 Still happily married

Ira Eidle · 40:58 He’s not sorry

Amanda Seigler · 40:59 Fuck you billy mann1

Ira Eidle · 40:16 Yeah I heard you asshole

Amanda Seigler · 40:17 Cassie Crosman is the tornado

Amanda Seigler · 39:48 Hurricane here!

Ira Eidle · 38:38 Nobody deserves cancer but I can’t say I miss her

Amanda Seigler · 38:10🙄🙄

Ira Eidle · 37:41 Monster

Eve Reiland · 6:58…/trump-signs-autism…/1128108922…Edit or delete thisKTVZ.COMTrump signs ‘Autism CARES Act’ into lawTrump signs ‘Autism CARES Act’ into law

Ira Eidle · 31:23 voting for

Ira Eidle · 31:09 Who are you thinking of voting of in the primary?

Eoneda Charbeneau · 29:20 Great im glad, Treat us as eaqual’s

Amanda Seigler · 29:07 But i have heard nothing about the toxic substances banned act

Ira Eidle · 26:07 We dont want people to fight for us…

Ira Eidle · 24:49 I love Obama but I find that picture of him signing the act with the Wrights next to him disturbing

Ira Eidle · 24:10 I heard ASAN did have some involvement with the act.

Amanda Seigler · 18:40 Cassie Crosman

Sarah Allen Âû · 13:37 It ok we still love ya

Amanda Seigler · 13:39 Your child self advocating

Sarah Allen Âû · 13:00 Ewwww

Amanda Seigler · 12:45 What you were talking about before

Sarah Allen Âû · 10:45 What the topic for today

Janina McGuinness · 10:08 Can we hear the song pls💖😘

Sarah Allen Âû · 9:24 Hello

Eve Reiland · 6:58…/about-the…/Edit or delete thisINTERNATIONALBADASSACTIVISTS.ORGAbout The Autism Cares Act | In the Loop About NeurodiversityAbout The Autism Cares Act | In the Loop About Neurodiversity

Eve Reiland · 0:01…/a.97423…/1133836653671717/…

Amanda Seigler · 5:59 I’m tearing into it over the weekend

Amanda Seigler · 5:07 It’s a virus 🙄

Amanda Seigler · 3:58 Good morning

Chuck McIntyre · 1:57 He did this as a last attempt to look appealing. How do we convince people otherwise.

Chuck McIntyre · 0:31 Give us scoop Eve!

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