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Is There Science Behind That? Bleach Therapy Autism Treatment


What Does Research Have to Say About HBOT and ASD?

Throughout human history, the helping professions – medicine, psychology, education – have operated under many ethical guidelines and codes of conduct. But one singular, defining, and unwavering principle has been, do no harm. Providers of services understand that, fundamentally, we cannot behave in ways that will harm – physically, psychologically, or otherwise – the people whom we serve. This is part of the “DNA” of medical and social services.

This core value is lacking in the proponents of drinking bleach for a cure of or treatment for autism spectrum disorder (ASD). This treatment comes in different names: Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS Healthy for Life, 2016), Master Mineral Solution (MMS Products International, 2016), or the Chlorine Dioxide Solution protocol (MMS Products United Kingdom, 2016). Different websites all market the exact same product. The promoters of this treatment prescribe that individuals with ASD (or individuals with a variety of other ailments as listed below) drink, spray on the skin, or administer as an enema, a mixture of water, chlorine dioxide (CI02), and citric acid (MMS Products International, 2016). The sellers assert that chlorine dioxide is different and safer than chlorine itself, and thus can be ingested or absorbed safely. They claim that although chlorine kills any germ or organism with which it comes into contact,“…Chlorine dioxide…has the amazing ability to remove electrons from diseased tissue and pathogenic stressors” (MMS Products International, 2016). They insist that this product is safe if used according to their directions.

Source: Is There Science Behind That? Bleach Therapy Autism Treatment

By Eve Reiland

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