Their Babies Died. The Anti-Vaxx Movement Used Them

They contact ‘parents who have lost children, giving them false information and false hope’ ..


(NEWSER) – As Catelin Clobes frantically spoke to a 911 dispatcher the morning of March 1, one thing she said was, “This can’t be real. This is because she was sleeping with me.” She had woken up to find her 6-month-old daughter, Evee, cold and unresponsive beside her in bed. The medical examiner ultimately ruled “positional asphyxia,” or suffocation, as the infant’s cause of death, with investigators noting her face had creases that could have come from a blanket; the way her blood had pooled in her nose, chest, arms, and legs indicated she had been face-down for some time. But Evee had just gotten a clean bill of health—and six vaccines—at a check-up 36 hours before her death, and the day after she died, a heartbreaking Facebook post by her grieving mother drew the attention of the anti-vaccination movement, Brandy Zadrozny and Aliza Nadi write for NBC News.

Source: Their Babies Died. The Anti-Vaxx Movement Used Them

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