Remove Fox4kc News Report Advertsing BANNED LETHAL BLEACH Protocol For ‘Treating’ Autism | Petition

Fiona O’leary started this petition to Federal Trade Commission and 12 others

Fox4kc news published a report on September 25th which basically advertised the banned and lethal CD BLEACH protocol as a possible ‘treatment’ for Autism, see in link below.

CD stands for Chlorine Dioxide also known as MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution)

It is a toxic unproven and unlicensed QUACK treatment that maims and kills.

The FDA warn people not to ingest this BLEACH and CD/MMS is banned in many Countries including Germany, Ireland and Canada.

Autistic children are being abused and tortured with this quackery

Created by a charlatan called Kerri Rivera, Autistic children are forced to drink this BLEACH, they are also forced to have burning BLEACH enemas and baths.

Kerri Rivera is banned from Facebook, YouTube and Amazon have banned her books and MMS products.

Rivera now operates on the controversial Telegram platform and via her websites.

She is an American citizen living in Germany.

German authorities are investigating her as we speak.

Autistic children and adults suffer horrific side effects from ingesting this BLEACH.

Vomiting, seizures, diarrhoea, liver and kidney damage, hair loss, breathing problems, brain damage, weight loss and more.

Shedding of intestinal tissue occurs as a direct result of BLEACH enemas.


Learn more in links below.

We want this disgusting BLEACH puff-piece removed.

It is ENDANGERING Austic peoples lives.

Please support us thank you!



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