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#BILLYMANNRECEIPTS | @BILLYMANN: You still don’t understand the very basics of autism, and what autistic traits are …

Jenni Sutinen: You still don’t understand where you are at fault with your reasoning. Your whole premise is based on the fact that you, as parents, were arrogant enough to expect a “perfect child” and had already envisioned a future for him.

You saw your child as someone who would exist to live up to your expectations, and when you realized that things aren’t going to go as you had “planned”, you felt a devastation. Not because of any possible suffering your child might be going through, with being born to such an ego maniacal parents, but for YOURSELVES, how YOUR plans and dreams for your child wouldn’t be met.

When you decide to have a baby, you have to be ready to care for a disabled child, a chronically sick child, an autistic child, a Down’s Syndrome child etc etc. There are So so so many things that can happen during a baby’s development, that expecting some perfectly healthy and neurotypical child, is extremely arrogant.

Besides, NONE of the things that you mention as the “worst symptoms” of your autistic son, are actual symptoms of autism. They are however, symptoms of great trauma and distress.

You still don’t understand anything at all. You maybe now realise that there are many times of different autistic people, but that’s it. You still don’t understand and accept your firstborn autistic child.

You still don’t understand the very basics of autism, and what autistic traits are, and what behaviors are signs of distress, trauma, frustration and discomfort.

All of which your son has exhibited. And with parents with attitudes like yours, I’m not even surprised, horrified, but not surprised.

And if you had ACTUALLY listened to #actuallyautistic people, you could have gotten great advice on how to get your child to be and to sleep at night etc. But I guess it’s hard to hear us with your head so deep up in your own ass.

My heart breaks for your poor children.

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