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#BILLYMANNRECEIPTS | @BILLYMANN: You don’t want to debate on “cure” on this? Then please retract that comment.

Susan Elizabeth Spann: I’m a moderate-severe autistic. I just skimmed your “apology.” And I am more ticked because you hinted that those with comorbid conditions might want a cure for “autism”?

Um, no. Would I like a cure for my comorbids? Absolutely. But never for my autism. My autism makes me who I am. Like your son, I learned to talk. I am NOT ever going to be self-reliant though. I am NOT ever going to be fully independent.

I cannot even verbally communicate most days let alone functionally without being prompted. If I was hurt right now, I would not be able to communicate that. Heck, looking back on the events surrounding today, Sept 11, and reflecting back on my day ended in a car accident that nearly killed me, I recall that I was trying to communicate with first responders and apparently I only thought I was saying the words, but all that was coming out was mumble jumble that was incoherent compared to what was in my brain.

When my mom finally arrived, she said I was in such a bad shock that I was literally not even speaking words anymore.

If only I had know then what I know now – that I am autistic and was all along. But my autism does not need a cure at all.

My immune deficiency from being a rubella baby? Yes. My asthma? Yes.

My thyroid dysfunction? Yes. My autoimmune? Yes. My mast cells? Yes. That’s it.

You don’t want to debate on “cure” on this? Then please retract that comment.

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