Yeah, @AutismSpeaks, you want us to suck up your lie? Really, Millions of Autistics support you? That’s … creative. | Eve Reiland

Looks like Autism Speaks forgot about the wee Autistic Civil Rights movement against them. … now they say we Autistics support them.

… and in the millions.

Yeah … no. So perhaps some meme and image history as a visual reminder that what they say is not true needs to be re-shared on social media.

Luckily, I found a few just a few here laying about to share. No idea where most were from other than another Autistic protesting Autism Speaks … but Autistic History and protest in a meme gallery … here you go.

Do you have memes?

If you want to prompt Autism Speaks about their history and remind them how we aren’t actually with them – please do so and tag Autism Speaks. Any and every platform that suits you is fabulous.

This latest press release is Absolute Utter BS they with millions of Autistics. This is lip service and in marketing spiels only. The reality … a big knife of exclusion, again.

Talk about silencers and oppression. Now Autistics are supposedly with them … so they get to speak over us still. Just wtf? Liars.

Listen up, Autism Speaks, Just because you can imagine something doesn’t make it real.

Autism Speaks, stop quoting yourself and writing to the masses in press releases that we’re with you. We are so very NOT at all. Quite the opposite in fact.

Stop the lies.


Eve Reiland

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