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#BILLYMANNRECEIPTS | @BILLYMANN: The words you wrote continue to harm and stigmatize our community.

Cassie Crosman: If you really want to learn from the autistic community, (not “autism community”), then you wouldn’t wear the blue puzzle piece with pride because the puzzle piece symbol has an ableist history and is used to depict autistic people as broken, missing, and in need of a “cure.”

You should also know that the “100 Day Kit” from Autism Speaks has myths and misconceptions about autism and spreads more ableist rhetoric about autism and autistic people, and tells parents it’s okay to “grieve” over their autistic children.

The narrative you wrote for “I Am Autism” continues to exist through the 100 Day Kit and through media outlets and Autism Speaks PSAs that continue to describe autism as a tragedy in need of a treatment or “cure.”

The words you wrote cannot be erased or taken back. The words you wrote continue to harm and stigmatize our community. If you truly are sorry, you would condemn Autism Speaks instead of defending them andclaiming they have “changed,” they haven’t changed a bit. We dont’ need a “cure,” we need acceptance.

Please do better.

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